Playback repeats, D.S al Coda,...

Playback question:

I’m arranging a song with following structure:

Intro ||: Chorus 1, 2, 3 (coda sign) - Verse 1, 2, 3 :neutral_face:| Verse 4 (coda) - Chorus

Following repeat markers have been assigned:

  1. On the end repeat (after verse 3): D.S. al coda -> changed text to ‘Play 3 times’
  2. On the start repeat (before chorus): Segno -> hidden
  3. Between Chorus 1, 2, 3 and Verse 1, 2, 3: To coda (3rd time)
  4. Verse 4 is the Coda

I have to make an audio file, so I want Dorico to jump to the coda on the 3rd repeat.

Tried several things, but doesn’t work…
I can’t change the way it’s notated because it’s not my song. :slight_smile:

pdf in attachment voor clarification.


Are repeats included or excluded in playback after repeat jumps, either individually using properties or project-wide using Playback Options?