playback scaling

Is there a way to globally scale the playback tempo (ie, all accel, rit, remain relatively same).

I was watching the bps window (upper right near the metronome icon), and like the way it dynamically displays the tempo changes. Just wondering if there is a way to specify a scaling factor on that ?


If you press ctr+8 (windows)/cmd+8 (Mac) you will see the properties panel. If you select the accel. or rit., you will then be able to adjust the amount that the tempo changes by in an option labeled, “Final tempo %.”

Thanks, but I am looking for a global scaling (entire piece – all accels, rits, allargandos etc… ). Like listening to a 33rpm record at 45.

There is not currently an option for global tempo scaling as you’re describing.

Ok, I’ll stop looking for it :slight_smile:

let me just note that I like the way the numbers match the timing marks in the score, so should the developers add this function, please provide the option to not have the scaling reflected in the display. (perhaps just have a colored box around the window warning that the scaling is on).