Playback scrolling and staff filtering: Such a combo

Galley view auto-scrolls on playback, though almost always only when I have the filter turned on to display select staves. (I had Dorico auto-scrolling with the filter off once, but I can’t seem to do it again, so I figure it was a bug.)

Assuming I haven’t simply overlooked some setting in Preferences, what was the rationale for this design? Not that I find it particularly annoying; I’m mostly just curious.

EDIT: OK, I figured out how to get an unfiltered score scrolling, again. Stop playback, turn filtering on, start playback, turn off filtering. After this, auto-scroll will deactivate if filtering is turned off during playback – until you change what’s filtered, whereupon auto-scrolling will be on again. So, this is either a bug or just a weird feature. (Seems like auto-scrolling is simply driven by filter toggling, although I’m not sure it’s that simple.)

Hey, by the way, it would be cool if I could set the horizontal offset of the green playback line during auto-scroll. Like, I don’t want it way to the left, where notes are often obscured by staff names.

Dorico isn’t actually designed to auto-scroll like this in any situation, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. You should find that the playhead makes its way across the display, and then the score moves when the playhead reaches the right-hand side.

Cool, free unintended feature! :smiley:

Yeah, @dspreadbury, the behavior that you describe is what I’m used to seeing. If I were you, I’d kick off a code review to ensure that your developers aren’t sneaking in beta features that they think would be cool. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: j/k

I actually like this auto-scroll behavior. It’s especially nice for creating playback videos.