Playback silent in some layouts, works in others

Does anyone know what might be causing playback to be silent in a layout that includes just one flow, but work fine in the Full Score layout?

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

EDIT: some more details:

  • Auditioning individual notes by clicking them always works.
  • The full score contains 20 flows, while the custom layout contains just 1 (but it can be any: the problem occurs no matter which flow(s) are included).

This is a known problem that occurs in the 2.0 release that is fixed for the next update.

Great news, thank you :slight_smile:

There are some possible workarounds, though it depends on the relationship between the flows and layouts in your project. The problem occurs if you have a layout that doesn’t include flows before the one that you’re interested in. The playback events for the flow you want are actually generated, but they have lots of silence before them, equal to the length of the earlier flows, if that makes sense.

Ah, ok, I get it. Thanks. Actually, the easiest workaround for me is just to switch back to full score view for playback; it only takes a second. (I just have to make sure that I have something selected at the time, or else the view jumps enormously to the left for some reason.)

Hi, randywombat.
I suggest you make sure tio have a note selected before you press w to toggle between part and full score.