Playback solo issue

I can’t get staves to solo in playback.
I have 8 staves/tracks and when I hit solo on one track, all of them solo as if they where grouped.
The file is coming form an xml import…

Same with mute.
alt-S doesn’t work either.

Any clue as to what I can do ?


Could you please tell us more? What VSTinstrument do you use? NotePerformer?
Maybe you could take your project, delete all the notes, save under a different name and post it here.

The imported score launched with Note Performer.
Here is the empty file to reproduce the issue.

Thank you
All the best

mute-solo.dorico (543.8 KB)


Then it is clear. Note Performer has it’s own mixer and only presents a stereo output to Dorico. You have to employ Solo or Mute inside NotePerformer’s mixer to get the wanted result.

oh thank you !