Playback soloing/auditioning an instrument - did something change?

I did a search of the forums before asking this, and saw no comments.

In previous versions, you could select on more than one element on a particular staff to have only that staff playback. I upgraded to version 3.5, and in trying to do this, all the staves playback. Did something change? Is there something I need to click to enable the old behavior?


Make sure you select more than one bar - it should work then.

I’m pretty sure something has been changed, because the old behaviour was sometimes too “sensitive” and it was a challenge to select only one item to get playback of all staves, for example when there were signposts attached to one staff that overlapped items on a different staff.

But I can’t find the change in the documentation.

It seems to work for me if I select a complete bar on one staff (e.g. click on empty space in the staff, not on a note).

Currently if I select a complete bar in one instrument (dynamics, notes, text, etc., all get selected - multiple items), and hit play, all staves currently play.

I will attempt to select more than one bar when I get home.


I’ve noticed that if a bar has only one pitchclass in it, this occurs. If there are more than one pitch, or if you select more than one bar, only the selected staff will play. Is this intended behaviour, I wonder?

That is not the case for me in 3.5 on windows.

I just tried 3.5 and 3.1 and they both have the same behaviour. Selecting one or more notes (e.g. in chords or different voices) all at the same rhythmic position on one staff plays back everything. Selecting notes at more than one rhythmic position, or on more than one staff, plays back the selected stave(s).

Any rests in the selection are irrelevant, so selecting a complete bar containing one note and some rests is equivalent to selecting a single note (i.e. everything plays). If you select only rests and no notes, everything plays.

Maybe my memory was playing tricks over what might have changed.

I just tried selecting multiple bars, and the playback only plays that instrument. Somehow I feel this is a small change.

Here was what I was selecting, that from my memory is all I had to do in previous versions. Unless I am really remembering wrong.
Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.45.02 AM.png

I rechecked, and it’s the same on Mac. I mis-remembered, sorry!

That is consistent with my tests, because you only selected a single note. Selecting the rests in the bar as well as the note doesn’t make any difference.

I see what you are saying Rob. And for some reason I thought (I probably am misremembering) if you selected not just the notes, but dynamics and other stuff that belong to the staff in question that it would play just that staff. But I guess, I haven’t run into a situation like this one before, with only 1 note in the bar.g

Thanks for all the advice and input. It is working, and I am able to hear what I need to.