Playback Sound Help


Something changed on my setup and I don’t know what, and admittedly I am not an expert at the software.

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.3.
My interface is a Focusrite Clarret 2Pre running Focusrite Control 2.1.8.

Everything was working fine, but now my playback is only coming through the internal laptop speakers. Which is weird because I checked the Sound settings on the laptop and everything input and output is selected to “Focusrite Thunderbolt.” In fact sound outside of Cubase all plays back through my external monitor, where computer “beeps” for wrong input or a file from iTunes. But when I open up a project in Cubase playback is only through the internal speakers.

When I pull up audio connections (F4), the “Audio Device” listed in the Bus is “Built-In Audio.” I believe it used to list “Focusrite Thunderbolt,” I cannot seem to get it to change. I even tried creating a new stereo bus, but the only option I was given was “Built-In Audio” again,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Change the ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System, please.


Worked like a champ!