Playback & Sound Not Working

As per the FAQ (, I am creating a new thread describing my issue. I have also attached the dorico single piano project and my VST audio engine compressed file.

I cannot hear sounds in any of my projects on any of my VSTs, through any of my devices. I normally run sound through my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, but the sound doesn’t work when using that or my other audio devices (at least the core audio of the system).

I have tried resetting my system and dorico and tried this with all my VST plugins. I have also ensured that the correct playback templates are in place each time.

I don’t have sound issues for any other applications and tested several others of those.

I am running a Mac Mini 2018 with OSX 10.14 and have Dorico 3.1.10.

I’m pretty certain I’ve missed some obvious step. Thank you for your help and time.

Jude (632 KB)
sample (610 KB)

Hi Jude,
thanks for the data, but from the logs and everything else I don’t see anything unusual or something that suggests that there is something wrong.
A couple of questions:
When you hit play, does the green playback cursor move?
With the piano project loaded and when you open the HALion Sonic SE editor window, is there any activity in that window during playback?
At the bottom of the window, when you click with the mouse on the on-screen clavier, is there any metering flickering in the HALion window (top middle of it)?


When reopening Dorico, the problem appears to have resolved itself. Thank you for taking the time to review the logs I sent. And apologies if this was a drag on your time.

Again, many thanks — Dorico staff is the best there is.


Never mind, I’m glad to hear it’s working again with you.
And thanks for your kind words, really appreciated.

Some followup on this.

I’ve been able to duplicate this issue through using the application Loopback ( I’ve been using Loopback to route audio into online audio and video presentations and have discovered that if I do not disable the routing configuration before quitting the application, I encounter the problem.

In answer to a previous question, all the sound meters will display sound activity, and the playback line will move through the score.

Thanks again for the help!