Playback sounds like a short reverb plugin is attached.


I’m opening an old file from 2017.
Besides 2 plugins missing, when I play the project back, it sounds like there’s a short delay/reverb on the entire project.

I think I checked all the obvious area’s but I can’t seem to find and resolve the problem. Can anyone pitch in to help out?

  • No delays plugins on any of the track including the master.
    No duplicated and unaligned audio source.


Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

Hey Martin,

Thanks for the response. I was able to solve the issue last night :slight_smile:.

I checked the Audio Buffer but, that wasn’t it.

There’s a free reverb plugin by that was not installed on my system.
After removing the plugin (from a non-essential random track) the playback issue was resolved.