Playback sped and pitch-shifted up

Hello —
I’ve been having a problem with Dorico’s playback in version where music is playing back at about 10 bpm faster than marked and all music (including notes when you simply click on them) is pitch shifted up about 1 and a quarter steps.
I’ve already tried reloading the Playback Template (I’m using NotePerformer) as well as clearing the audio engine cache and restarting the program. This seems to happen without rhyme or reason; the only thing I’ve noticed is that it sometimes happens (or returns to playing back correctly) when the sound output changes from headphones to the computer speakers.

Thanks, Calder

Welcome to the forum @Calder - that sounds like perhaps your sample rate has been changed. It’s possible that one of the devices prompts an increase in sample rate.

You can change the sample rate in Preferences (key command Ctrl/Cmd-, ) > Play > Audio Device Setup. Switch it to something else, then switch back to reset.

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Thank you so much! I imagine the update was caused by plugging in headphones (or unplugging them), though I’m not sure why.

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