Playback speed between 1x and 2x?

I need to be able to play back audio at speeds greater than 1x and less than 2x. Somewhere around 1.75 would be great.Shuttle would need to lock, too, as I am editing/proofing a number of audio books and need to read while monitoring playback.
2x speed is too fast to hear narrator nuances.
I’m using Nuendo 5.5, 32 bit on PC.

Make the track with the audio follow a music based timeline. That’s usually the little clock button on the track controls that contain the mute button, track name, etc. When you toggle the timebase button it will go from clock to musical note. Switching it to the musical note (music based) it will follow the tempo.

Now open the audio file in the sample editor and make sure the file itself is set to play in musical mode. That’s an option in the menus on the left.

Now, hopefully, you should be able to use your tempo track to determine the playback speed and you can vary it as you wish.

Darren ‘I think I got that right’ Ingram

Hey Darren - that sounds like it will work! Thanks - I’ll try it.
…I did try it, and it works great- thanks again.

I am dealing with numerous audio files (these are audio books), and have found that using the audio pool is a quicker way to change the properties of many files at once.
Here is my workflow:
Import all audio files into session.
Open the pool. (in the view/attributes pull down menu, make sure tempo and musical mode are selected - you only have to do this once).
Select all files and:
Set to the same tempo, and
enable musical mode on all files.