Playback speed drifts when resampling active in the bypassed master section

Hi everyone,
Very strange bug, maybe, where the playback speed goes randomly faster/slower with a lot of glitches.
Here’s how it happens.
Say you are mastering a 48k file to 44.1k so you have resampling active in the master section.
Then you load up a reference file, bypass the master section, hit play.
The playback of the reference goes chaos.
If you make the resampling inactive, this goes away, playback is back to normal.
Can anyone confirm/reproduce this?
This could be system related I’m not sure.

WaveLab Pro 9.5.40
MacOS 10.12.6 - MacPro 2010
Avid 192 I/O via HD Native (HD Driver 2018.12)


If you make Master Section inactive then I think this is normal with resample
or it should playback in 48 kHz in bypass mode but PG will tell for sure what’s going on.

regards S-EH

Resampling requires the hardware audio device to be reset, hence this can’t be supported by the bypass function.

OK, understood.
I thought this was a bug because it worked fine in WaveLab7. (I’ve recently made the move to 9)
So you need to de-activate resampling first then bypass the master section in order to playback reference sources.

In WaveLab 7, that was not exactly a bypass, but a Master Section on/off (with no smooth transition).

Is there a equivalent function in 9 as well?
It would be quite handy to be able to switch it off with one action.

If it’s only for playback, it’s easy enough to put a resampler in the Playback Processing slot (below the master section). I have one there all the time, since my audio device is a digital mixer that I don’t want to reset all the time.

I will try that. Thanks!