Playback speed issue

Hi all.

I have been working on a project for the last few weeks.
1 video track… 50 or so audio tracks and 12 midi tracks.

Everything was fine until i recorded some dialogue to go along with the video. Now for some reason the project play back faster than originally recorded. I cant find anyway to correct the fact the whole project it playing faster than it was.

I’ve looked through the Cubase manual and cant find any reference to playback speed, ive also searched this forum. Am i searching for the wrong phrase?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Check for samplerate mismatch of project / audio card and audio

Hi Thinkingcap.

It’s not that… Cubase is set to 48khz as is my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra in its control panel.

Anything else?

Hi thinkingcap…

I’ve worked it out now.

After i recorded the dialogue takes yesterday i appear to have changed the buffer size from 512 up to 1024.

Having now reduced it back to 512 everything now plays at the correct speed.

Thanks for showing an interest thinkingcap, i do appreciate it.



Are you sure it was buffer settings?

The buffer size has no relationship to playback speed!!!

Sounds more like the soundcard booted up at the wrong samplerate or some other application caused it to change.

Well, the third thing to check that people seem to forget to check is the audio…
Card samplerate set to 48 kHz and playback too fast- means the project´s audio is at a lower samplerate than the card.
Other than that, I suppose it´s like Split says, since the buffer size has nothing to do with it at all, apart from resetting the buffer size might have “cleared” the soundcard settings…

I have a similar issue but much more severe. Cubase locked up on me one night. I shutdown and rebboted in the morning. However when I played back the song I was working on it played back slower. About 30% slower. Then I started opening up all my files and they all played back slow.

I have form into steinberg but have not got a respose.

Any Ideas?


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