Playback Speed issues after mp3 import - BPM different to original song

I am working with Wavelab Elements 12 on an M1 Macbook Pro (Sonoma 14.3.1). I am having troubles importing mp3 files properly into the audio editor. I can load an mp3 file but afterwards it plays on different BPM / Speed / Pitch. I tried to resample or import to a new file which has already the correct Sampling Rate 44.1kHz (at least to what I think is the correct sampling rate) but still getting the same problem.
What am I doing wrong and is this even possible at all with the Elements version of Wavelab?
Gruß Tobias

Are you using version 12.0.20?

Try importing mp3 that used different codecs, Fraunhofer and LAME. See if the problem persists with LAME.

What interface do you use for playback?
Is it set to sync to external?

Hello PG1, yes I am using version 12.0.20.

Hi jik, good idea thanks, i will try if this helps soon and give feedback. But I strongly hope Wavelab can handle this independently of the codec

Hi st10ss, I am using an Pioneer DJM900-SRT as Audio interface. I installed the latest Driver-Utility version 4.0.3, I do not see the option to have the interface set to sync to external :-/

Hi All,
but I just realized the problem does not occur when I switch the audio interface to the integrated audio device, mhm

Another idea was that my DJM900-SRT does not support the sampling rate of the mp3, however under properties in the finder I see 44,1kHz for the MP3 and the specs of the soundcard tells this is doable

Ok, wow:

I have just been able to find out more about the error: The problem only occurs when I have the well-known DJ program Serato DJ Pro running in parallel, regardless of whether I have resampling active or inactive. As soon as I switch Serato DJ off again, wavelab reacts much more latency-free to pressing the space bar and plays the mp3 that I simply dragged in via drag and drop with the correct BPM!

At least I have a workaround.

Really? A DJ software in parallel?

That is no work around. Use one software at a time to play audio files.