Playback speeds up (cubase sx/m-audio AP 2496/rme adi-2)

Hello everybody,

Im having an issue with playback speeding up in cubase sx.
My chain is: rme adi-2 converter -> m-audio 2496 audiophile ->cubase. I did research and I know its probably sampling rate mismatch, but i think I have everything set properly - rme set to 44.1 audiophile set to 44.1. Im exporting from cubase in 44.1
My soundcard (m-audio) is set to external clock via s/pdif when Im recording. But for playback i have to use soundcard D/A converrters because I dont have s/pdif out from it.
When im set to external clock playback is fine, when i switch to soundcard clock it speeds up.

Please, help.

Configure your soundcard to alo use 44,1 kHz when running on internal clock - how that works surely should be ,entioned in the soundcard’ s manual