Playback spikes and crackling

HI everyone,
I know this issue has been brought up many times but I have had this since version 10 am now running 10.0.50.
This issue has not gone away and I have tried everything that has been said on the forums and the net in general.
I am running Windows 10 on a Intel 2.8 6 core system with 32gb ram a Asus motherboard and an SSD for the opp system.
I keep getting spikes(data drops) when recording or playing back they are very very random I could be recording all day and I get nothing then all of a sudden it will start and keep playing up for maybe an hour then go away?
Am lost to what it could be I have done every major tweek you can do to both opp system and Bios.
The interesting thing is I can run Reaper with 56 audio channels with effects etc etc on every channel and it does not spike at all.
In Cubase am running 2 audio tracks and 5 VSt instruments Am playing Ivory at 4ms and am getting spikes if I go higher say 23ms it will go away but then I cant play Ivory.
The problem lays with Cubase as I can use Ivory at 3ms in Reaper without issues?
Anyone got any ideas at all I have exhausted everything I have tried changing all setting in Cubase but that just makes it worse.
My last resort now is to build the software back onto a new SSD and see what happens.
Any help at all would be much appreciated right now as I have recordings and mixes to finish.


Try to test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please.

Used LatencyMon and it just says the system can handle audio and video without issues.
I have run many tests and nothing shows up.
Something is running somewhere it has to be. I found a document on line where a guy goes fully into readying a PC for audio.
They were a few things that he commented on that I have not tried yet so will give those a shot.
It’s like a needle in a haystack but I don’t want to spend a whole week redoing another drive. I hate knocking back jobs.
If I find anything that works will post here for sure

After exhausting everything that Doc said am still having spikes on playback. Two audio tracks and one VST piano running at 3ms
Cubase 9 would handle that without any issues but 10 will not I have to go really high on the asio before it clears up but then I have delay issue in the piano! Think doing a new drive with win 10 is all I have left now. Do I update Cubase to 10.5 and hope that may fix the issue?

I have started getting this problem since moving to 10.5.1. Yet to test on 10 to see if the issue is actually a Cubase update problem.

Well final results since updating to 10.5 everything is working! Not getting those drop outs anymore not at the asio latency am running which is 4ms.
Only when I really pushed Cubase to run 8 High end VSTs plugins a few audio channels at 3ms did I get the odd drop out but much better results since updating! Very strange indeed there has to be a bug somewhere Just to update it and have a much better performance out of the gate.