playback starts 3 bars later

I have here a score on which I was working today, that has been corrupted in a very strange way:
In any mode I set the playback head at the beginning of the flow.
start playback
the playback head (green line ) starts normally BUT
the audio played is systematically 3 bars ahead of the playback head

Happy to have made backups that are working fine :slight_smile:

will have to copy and paste to recover the last notes…

And yes I have rebooted and reloaded the corrupted song to no awail

If you zip it up and attach it here, we might be able to figure out what’s going on with it.

Here it is

The problem is to do with the repeat structure in your project, Claude. Can you tell me which bars you expect to play in which order? After the repeat at bar 15, does it go back to bar 1 or to bar 9? And the repeat the end of bar 39, where does that go back to? The double barline at bar 18, or somewhere else?

I can’t make sense of the repeat structure at sight, and I’m afraid neither can Dorico, but if you tell me how you expect the repeats to be played, it should be possible to fix this up by the judicious inclusion of a couple of start repeat barlines so that Dorico knows definitively where it’s supposed to repeat back to.

the intended structure seems clear to me
to 16
to 1
second out at 17
to end
to start
then whatever ;=)

removing the repeat bars does nothing to the PB shift
I found out this morning that the problem is fixed immediately by deleting flow 1 “C&F-Template”
maybe the same bug you told me about here?

I think instead of the final repeat bar, one would normally write a da capo. That’s at least what I would do …

Absolutely, but as its not here yet I wanted some sort of “go back at the top” with playback…
Its an old version of the tune I’m working on, and anyway I’m finalizing its structure in Cubase the time being as Daniel sais :=)

Certainly the bug concerning excluding some flows from the full score layout causing issues with playback is a factor, but I think you’ll find that Dorico still doesn’t play exactly what you expect because an end repeat barline at the end won’t tell Dorico to repeat all the way back to the start of the project.

Nested repeats follow normal nesting rules?