Playback starts slowly

Suddenly my Cubase 7.5 decided to star playback slowly. I mean that when I hit the spacebar there is a delay before play starts. This same thing appears also when stopping the playback.
It used to play and stop right away. HELP!

You may have mistakenly entered and/or activated the pre & post-roll time in the transport panel. Refer to the Cubase Operation Manual page 131 for more information. :sunglasses:

No, it ain’t that. It has something to do with plug ins. If I activate the “constrain delay compensation” problem goes away. This is a bit weird because me system is far from overloading. I do have a lot of plug ins in use but still my CPU and memory usage is really low.
All the plug ins that will be deactivated by “constrain delay compensation” are Waves plug ins.

That happens on every computer and every DAW when you load a plugin that adds a lot of latency; usually mastering plugins.