Playback string harmonics

There’s a way to listen the string harmonics in Dorico ?
Thanks for your help

There’s no direct support for playback of harmonics in Dorico at the moment, though this is something we plan to implement in future. For the time being you should be able to trigger a harmonic sound using a keyswitch and add a note of the appropriate pitch and hiding it by switching off its stem via Properties in Engrave mode and changing its colour to be transparent.

Ok I will try that but what about the sound ? For instance harmonic of Viola where the range is too high ?
It’s possible tu change to violin (program change ? Id change ? ) only for this note ?

Depending on what playback device you’re using, it may be sufficient to specify a program change or other MIDI controller change via an expression map that will cause it to respond automatically to the presence of the harmonic playing technique.

Dorico does now support harmonics. Harmonics can be mixed with non-harmonics at the same time, but only if the notes are in a different voice and you have Separate Voices set for that instrument. This is due to a physical limitation with keyswitched instruments: there’s no way of having two notes sounding at the same time with different articulations on the same channel.

I’m a bit confused here — I don’t see any native support for harmonics i.e if you write a harmonic into the score without a matching playback technique then it is not interpreted by Dorico as far as I can see compared to something like trills which are.

However both natural and artificial harmonics work fine if your library supports either/both and you create appropriate playback technique entries for inclusion in your Expression Map. On the notation side, simply choose “natural” or " artificial" under harmonics type in the Properties

If you write harmonics using the standard notations in the properties panel, they play back without defining any additional playback techniques.

The attachment plays correctly with the bundled HALion sounds and with NotePerformer. Of course if you use a different sample library, you will have set up the expression map to tell Dorico how to get the “harmonic” sound, but the pitch of the notes will be correct. The notation in the attachment plays the correct pitches even on a piano, for example.

ok - I get the picture. It will play the correct pitch, irrespective of VST. HALion has no keyswitch for harmonics so the actual sound is unchanged. That would explain the confusion.