Playback stutter on OSX.

Hi … I believe (from Steinbergs point of view) I have the perfect bench setup, but I’m getting dropouts.

Have a Late 2009 MacPro running the latest OSX.

I’m running C6 into an Mr816CSX.

I have opened up a project I did in C5, it’s very basic … 14 or so tracks, just a few gates and reverbs (all steinberg internals). I get random audio glitches on playback. I play it a second time and the glitchs are in different locations, so it’s not recorded into the file.

I’ve just done a mixdown and the file is perfect.

I have tried the mac firewire and also a firewire card (which I used with C5 perviously without this problem).

I have also removed all USB devices and just used the BT mouse for a test run, no difference.

Upon upgrading to C6 I also ran the 816 updates … so I can’t pinpoint was has introduced this problem.

Can I get some feedback on the best way to find the cause?

Don’t have a project for 5-7 days, so I need to get this workable again.


The latest MR816 mac driver has given myself and others very poor performance ie stuttering

I removed them and went back too the MR 1.60 drivers and everything is fine again

Thanks for that response …

Honestly, that was my next thing to try.

I have downloaded the 1.6 and it’s sitting on my desktop in the studio … when I’m back in their this afternoon, I’ll try that and report my results.

Thanks heaps for the reply.

In interest, are you running C6 yet? … if so, in 32 or 64 mode?


Im runnign Cubase 6 with great success in 32bit mode no point in 64bit until all the 3rd party plugs are 64bit

Just wanted to report, I’ve gone back to 1.6 drivers for the 816 … all works a treat now.

Steinberg, are you aware of this problem with the 1.7 drivers?

there is a thread in the MR816 hardware forum and Steinberg have been made aware

Thanks … I tried looking for one. Lets hope for a fix soon.

I see the 1.7.1 drivers are released for mac …

Any feedback on your results?.