Playback Technique Instances don't update if definition is modified

Hard to explain… but the linked video should provide clear details on what is going on… namely, it seems that if one mis-defines a Playback Technique, they can’t just fix the definition… after doing so, seems it is necessarily to delete/replace existing instances. Is this expected?

The Dorico project used in the video is attached.
Guitar Test.dorico (2.2 MB)

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To expand on this: if you place another instance of the Playing Technique into the score after its Playback Technique has been changed (and both the original and new Playback Techniques appear in the Expression Map, and all other context is the same for both instances), the two instances will trigger different Expression Map switches.

So no, this is not expected.

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Thx for your input, btw… I thought I was going crazy for a while there on the Playback Techniques. Had you run into this previously… or just happened to try this out when seeing this thread?

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I hadn’t noticed the issue before, which leads me to suspect it cropped up in the recent update.

This isn’t a new issue. Dorico isn’t immediately picking up the changes made to the playback technique chosen for an existing playing technique in the project. If you save, close and reopen the project, you’ll see that the change is picked up at that point. (There are probably some other edits you could do other than deleting and recreating the playing technique that would also cause it to be updated.)

We will do our best to address this issue so that these kinds of changes are picked up in playback world immediately.