Playback techniques pickle!

Well, you’re right — which is not surprising, of course. But I find this quite baffling that Olympus Elements increases so much the weight. I’ve tried with another file, and the size with Olympus was 47 Mo while it came down to 1.1Mo with Eric Whitacre Choir (quite big library…)
I don’t think I’ll be using Olympus too much :sweat_smile:

Hi @MarcLarcher - sorry, haven’t read the whole thread, but this ‘Eric Whitacre Choir’ is also hosted in HALion SE as playback engine…? Or Kontakt.? Or something else.? And it sounds comparable to Olympus Elements.?

Am curious too about (the cause of) this big file size difference…

It is a Spitfire Audio product that runs as a standalone VST with its own interface.

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Thanks @Janus - so not a strictly fair comparison being made, between relative file sizes here.

Which of course is not questioning the huge difference seen, though its clearer this could be for a whole multitude of other reasons.