Playback techniques problem

There are six bars of strings, in the middle of a score, and I cannot get them to play arco. I have deleted the notes and re-entered them, used the ‘ord.’ and ‘arco’ Playing Techniques but they remain stubbornly pizz. Is there a way of resetting the Playing Technique of a note? Using Dorico 3.5.10 and NotePerformer 3. Any ideas?

Welcome! There is a pretty good chance of “missing” without more information, but can we confirm that you are using the NotePerformer expression map?

Welcome to the forum, @pwn.alt. Would you be comfortable with posting the project here so we can take a look? You might find that you need to read a few more threads on the forum before you’re allowed to post your project, but hopefully you’ll find that edifying in any case.

Many thanks for the speedy responses. Noteperformer is using expression map v.30, which I reckon is current since I only purchased the software a week ago. In Dorico Write (and Engrave) Mode, Vln1, Vln 2 and Vla are clearly ‘Arco’: Vln 1 and Vla by sequence, Vln 2 by explicit indication. But in Playback mode, the Playing Techniques bar shows them all as pizz.- so there are two different representations of the same bars present. This only happens for six bars - everything else works fine. I have deleted the notes using Ctrl-X and re-input them, to no avail. Adding an artificial harmonic to the notes down make them Arco, but as soon as you remove the harmonic, they go back to pizz. All suggestions welcome, since I have only just tried Dorico as an alternative to my usual Finale.

Could you attach the project itself here, or at least a cut-down version of it with just the affected bars and instruments, so we can take a look?

Here is the first part of the project (I had difficulty deleting the bars from the start, so forgive me).
The problems occur in the upper string parts from bar 46. Have tried a few more things: inserted three empty bars, and recopied the music, then deleted the existing bars - no idea if this sort of thing is useful, but it didn’t work. Thanks. Ichthys_Post.dorico (764.4 KB)

This is caused by the Alla Chitarra PT in measure 25. You can e.g. select them and set suppress playback in the Properties panel…

Ah! thank you so much. Not just an easy fix, but an object lesson in solving some future problems.
Really grateful for your advice.