Playback template and VL I, VL II

Hi, learning Dorico now…

I’ve saved a playback template and my Violin I and Violin II have two different VST instruments.
I’ve saved both endpoint config (Vl1 and Vl2) and included in my playback confg.

But when I click close and apply (the playback template), Violon II is picking the Violin I ‘‘presets’’.

Is there a way to tell Dorico to differentiate VL1 and VL2?
or Maybe I need to save a Full Strings orchestra endpoint config?

I’m saving individual endpoint configs because I’m working in a big template and I don’t want to save ALL my instruments in a single endpoint.

Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, violin I and II being the same section in the instrument picker, I don’t think it’s possible. When parsing the instruments, the playback engine will give the first sound available to all violins (I and II) before it goes on with the list of manual endpoints.

Rarely do I disagree with @MarcLarcher, but here I do! It is perfectly possible to have different VSTs and expression maps for Vln1 and Vln2, but you need to create your own playback template. If you could upload the project we could point you in the right direction.

I like to be proved wrong, it’s the best thing to keep learning!


Thanks for your answers Marc and Janus. I can’t send the project right now. But I suspect that the problem is because in my playback template, the VL1 and VL2 are two different endpoint configs, VL1 being the upmost in the list. I have no problem with my three flute and Piccolo which share the same endpoint.

I used to have the exact same problem… if it’s been fixed… so much the better.