Playback template/endpoint configuration doesn't use key signatures of instruments

I have 2 separate endpoints for woodwinds: one for the common (flute, clarinet in Bb,…) instruments and one for the more special instruments (alto flute, clarinet in Eb,…).
The problem is that without the key signature info for the clarinets, assigning a playback template goes wrong when having different kinds of clarinets (Eb, Bb). Something similar happens for horns.
What I noticed in the endpoint configuration is that key signatures of instruments are not used/saved.

I’m not completely sure I understand what you’re reporting here, but are you saying that Dorico doesn’t respect the instrument transposition – e.g. it doesn’t treat a Clarinet in E flat any differently from a Clarinet in B flat – when applying an endpoint configuration?

Those instruments are identified uniquely internally, so Dorico does know the difference between a Clarinet in B flat and one in E flat, and this information is included in the endpoint configuration.

Perhaps you could make a minimal project and endpoint configuration that exhibits this problem so we can take a look?

I think you understand it correctly.
If you start from the modern ochestra template (it has different clarinets) and apply my playback templates, you can see the results.
WoodwindI has 2 clarinets in B flat and woodwindII has one in E flat.
Applying either one will set all clarinets, no matter what key. Combining WoodwindI and woodwindII also does not give the correct result.
Woodwinds I.dorico_pt.dorico (360.6 KB)
Woodwinds I I.dorico_pt.dorico (187.5 KB)

Remove .dorico for using playback templates

I’ll need to check into this further with Paul in due course. As I thought, the playback template certainly does encode which specific transposition should be used for each instrument, so there must be some logic I’m not aware of in the application of the playback template that ignores this information.

This is probably related, and I think I might have mentioned it before, but if you save a playback template with Violins I and Violin II, where I and II have different endpoint configurations, upon reapplying the template, Dorico ignores the differing endpoint configuration originally applied to Violins II, and instead loads the same endpoint (Violins I) configuration for both sections…

Yes, that certainly sounds like it could be related.