Playback template for Cineharp?

Has any kind kind soul who would be willing to share, created a playback template for Cineharp?
#2, is there a quick solution to add a solo violin to the iconic sketch template? I’m guessing it would be some sort of instrument override. I am using the solo violin in the ‘firsts’ briefly and it is playing back as ensemble.
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Iconica Sketch has no Solo Strings, so any Solo Player in Dorico will ‘fall back’ on the HALion Symphony Orchestra solo instruments.

There’s no individual Endpoint for Iconica: only e.g. “Iconica, HSO, HALion Sonic, Olympus”; so you’d have to user Instrument/Family Overrides to use Solo strings from some other library that you possess.

Thank you so much for replying. I am not finding that HSO kicks in for the solo strings. Iconic sketch not recognizing sul tasto etc Maybe one has to go to fuller string library like their Iconica solo and sections? Or of course any other string library.

Are you getting no sound at all? What VST and channel is assigned to the Player? What is loaded in that slot in the VST?

Have you re-applied the Playback Template?

Yes, you’re right that Iconica Sketch doesn’t have sul tasto. TBH, for an easy life, most people add NotePerformer, which is cheap and small. Full Iconica is very expensive, very large, and doesn’t necessarily work well with Dorico without a lot of effort.

the list of artics for Iconica Sketch can be seen from the Expression Map below. It’s not extensive but then I wouldn’t expect it to be for a bundled library – you get what you pay for by and large (although, to be fair, Iconica is probably the best free library I’ve come across)

I agree the sounds that are provided are better than most to me (bundled sounds)

When I a gap in writing I’ll try and understand the whole expression maps - was hoping for a quick solution. I do have Noteperformer and it doe a great job, but pfrerred the Iconic sounds for the project I’m working on.