Playback Template losing first VSTi


To reproduce the problem I’m having.

Start a project
Go to PLAY->playback template->Silence->Apply = as expected there is no more VTS
Add 2 or more VSTi (no matter how many, or if they are different)
Save an Endpoint Configuration for each VSTi

Go to PLAY->playback template->Add Template->Add Manual (add all the endpoints created before)
OK and Apply.

What I have now, is anything but the first VSTi.
One more thing: whenever I add the first VST to the Slot, it already gets number two.


It’s expected that the first VST in the rack will have the number 02: number 01 is the DoricoBeep plug-in used for the metronome click.

I’m not sure I can follow what you’re otherwise reporting. Are you definitely completing the setup for each VST instrument you add, including specifying expression maps and assigning them to particular instruments? Dorico will only load the VST instruments that are required for playing the instruments in your project, so before you save your endpoint configuration you need to make sure you have mapped each channel in each plug-in to an instrument and assigned a suitable expression map, otherwise Dorico won’t know what instruments you expect it to load your VST instruments for.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for clarifying!

I’ll double check these procedures.

I was able to better understand this problem.
The first VSTi I’m loading is HSSE - just for playing the Chords track.
The other two are: Kontakt and Philharmonik 2 (both are saving and restoring from playback template as expected)
I’m sending two images from the VST panel.

I don’t believe the data for the chords track is currently included in the playback template, so that’s why it’s not being restored. This is on our list of things to think about in future versions.