Playback Template not doing what I want

My goal was to set up a playback template that loads all brass and woodwind instruments in NotePerformer and the rest in Halion. So I put Noteperformer in the top position for the wood and brass family and after that the Halion stuff.

Why are the congas also assigned to NP?

It’s the other way round… start with Halion and specify the overrides (abweichungen) - everything you don’t want from NP, then add NP and NP will take the rest

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Yes, fratveno is right. Start with manual endpoints and end with automatic ones. AFAIK there’s no manual endpoint for NP (unless, like @David_Tee , you create them from scratch!)

Overrides work on automatic too :wink:

That is good to know. I don’t think I was able to make it work with PianoTeq but that was years ago. I’ll have to try that again :wink:

Thank you, I will give this a try later in the evening.

Hi @derhannes,

This template is the same as the Noteperformer (SO) template in this thread but with everything except woodwinds and brass removed. I’ve then added Halion HSSE+HSO (Pro) to automatically cover all the other instruments.

I’ve tested it with a couple of the big Dorico Templates and it seems to work fine - let me know if it doesn’t.

NP WW & Brass and (519.7 KB)

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Hi David,

when I import this playback template I see all the NotePerformer instruments are contained und no Halion (automatic) at the end. Maybe this is the template for NotePerformer (SO) you mentioned above?

My apologies, I seem to have retitled the original…

Let’s try again.

NP WW+Brass - HSSE HSO (Pro) (107.5 KB)

For the Steinberg Team: If I duplicate a Playback Template, rename it, amend it, export it and then delete it … If I then import it, it asks me if I want to overwrite it. But I’ve just deleted it…

Thank you, David. Works now like a charm.

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Don’t know if I should write here, but …

I’m sorry to say that I still have a problem with the NotePerformer (SO) template. Seems as if the endpoint configuration is not completely correct.

In Dorico I opened a new empty template and added a single drum set (basic).
I assigned the NotePerformer (SO) playback template.
In play mode I see, that the routing for drum set, ride cymbal and kick drum is empty:

If I assign NP (SO) Drum Set (sticks) to the Drum Set everything is o.k.

What is the (SO) in NotePerformer (SO)?
(Can you include a shot of your Playback Template screen and the definition screen for the Playback Template you are choosing?)

David gave a link for the thread where you can find detailed Information for this Playback template.

Separate outputs I guess.


Yes, Separate Outputs. Each Note Performer instrument appears in a separate mixer channel. From there you add your own reverb etc.

By the looks of things, the way NP handles percussion has changed slightly between V3 and V4. I haven’t gone through everything but I suspect the problem is tied up with Drum Kits and not single percussion instruments.

@derhannes I’d be grateful if you could check this out. Does this load the Drum kit automatically for you without you needing to do that last step?

NotePerformer (SO) (519.5 KB)

This loads everything correctly, basic and extended drum set.

Thank you!