Playback Template not loading all instruments

When I follow along with the First Steps video, and load up the file “First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico” and apply the factory playback template HSSE + HSO (Pro)

As you can see from this screenshot:

When I change the template to HSSE (SE) - for the free version of Dorico - then all instruments ARE found and filled in. Isn’t that weird ?

Is that intended ? Or a bug ? or did I do something wrong again ?


It suggests that you haven’t successfully installed all of the sound content that comes with Dorico 4. I suggest you run Steinberg Download Assistant, locate Dorico Pro 4 on the left-hand side (e.g. under My Product Downloads), then on the right hand side find Sound Content for Dorico Pro 4 (recommended) and install (or reinstall) it.

I reinstalled the Dorico 4 content,
First I had de Download manager delete the folder. The button showed ‘Install’ now.
Then I installed the content. Downloaded the 10.02 Gb set all fresh…
After this I checked in Dorico, and the instruments are still missing when using the factory HSSE + HSO (Pro) template, but now the instruments are in a slightly different order, with most still missing.

It seems Dorico has some kind of quarrel with me :thinking:

Maybe because the HALion Sonic SE folder is almost empty ? But then the HSSE playback template shouldn’t work either…

Can you take a screenshot of Steinberg Library Manager and attach that here?

I sure can :grin:

With help of @Ulf the problems seem to have been solved. Some preset files were in wrong folders causing HALion to not be able to find the instruments.
After correcting those presets, the sounds are now found.
Thanks for all the help @Ulf :grin: much appreciated !!
Outstanding support :partying_face: which is rare in the modern world :ok_hand: :+1:
Best regards,