Playback Template Problem - D4

I created a new big band Playback Template from a saved Endpoint configuration:

Then from the Hub I created a new Big Band project, applied the saved big band template and this is the result:

Attached are the projects and before and after diagnostic dumps.


PB Template (2.8 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics - (1002.4 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics - (1.0 MB)

I think this is a limitation in the way that multiple identical instruments are handled when applying a playback template. Although you will have presumably set up, say, four trombones in your Trombones instance of VE Pro, to Dorico it looks like only one trombone, so it ends up instantiating that endpoint as many times as there are trombones in your project. This is certainly something we plan to address, but I’m not sure when we’ll be able to do it.

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Thanks, Daniel. That makes sense.

A work-around for me would be to be able to delete the extras but I understand that it is not yet possible to arbitrarily delete VST instances. Oh well.

Again, thanks for the vision and the work.