Playback template problem

I have set up a playback template like this and would expect the Tam-Tam and Suspended cymbal to go to BBCSO, but they go to Halion with a piano sound and a cymbal sound.

What am I missing ?

What happens if you remove HSO from the template? Where does go to then?

Then they go nowhere…

So the question becomes why does your BBCSO map not catch them? Are they there explicitly?

Yes, they are…

Hmm. The limit of my competence has been reached. (sorry)

It would be nice to check out whether suspended cymbals have been correctly set in the Endpoint used. But I have no idea how to do that. You could also easily create a new BBCSO unpitched percussion Endpoint (in a new small file created specifically for this). I am quite confident this would either solve the issue, or show there’s a bug somewhere :wink: