Playback template problems

I’m having problems with the playback engine. Every time I try making custom playback templates the playback engine starts causing all kinds of trouble. Now I have a Dorico project that won’t even load Dorico’s default playback template. When I press the turn playback engine on nothing happens then when I press it off dorico freezes. The file is corrupted somehow, I can’t close it, copy, or much of anything before it freezes.

The playback engine seems a bit unstable, am I using it wrong?

Would you please choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report and post the corresponding zip file here? From the contained logs and files we get a first overview and then come back with more specific questions or advice.

Dorico (2.2 MB)

Thank you very much. I see a couple of crash files of the audio engine. I need to get my Mac going in order to resolve them. I’ll be back…

I’m back :wink:

So here comes the verdict. In the diagnostics are 7 crash files of the audio engine and they all point at BULLDOG as the culprit of bringing our engine down.
When the audio engine dies, Dorico freezes in because it is waiting for the audio engine to respond…

I don’t know that Bulldog plug, is it an effect or instrument? More importantly, how does Dorico/auido engine behave if you don’t use that in your template?

Bulldog is an effect, it’s an amp sim from audio assault.

At the moment I can create a template and load other dorico files and everything works fine but I have a file that is busted. When I load it with the default dorico template it freezes.

If it’s just bulldog creating problems that would be nice. I’ll try making another template file with a bunch of other VSTs and see if it does the same thing

I made another template without bulldog and it seems to be working fine. Should I just avoid using that effect?

I also really need to recover the broken file any suggestions?

also in my project templates I have the keysignture set to atonal but it keeps defaulting to C major. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

You can send me the broken file and I can try to fix it.

And yes, better not use Bulldog any more.

Sorry, I’m not an expert on that end, I’m calling for @dspreadbury

is there a way to delete the file I send after you’ve fixed it? I don’t want it staying on this thread forever

Please send to me via e-mail to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

When you start a project via the Create New page of the Hub window, the settings on the right-hand side will take effect, even when using a custom project template. If you want the template to be created exactly as you saved it, without any modifications from the options on the right-hand side of the Hub, use File > New From Template and choose it from there.

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