Playback template RAM usage

That would be a very suboptimal experience. Many (most?) users want the ability to load a project and press Play. Many others want more sophisticated playback without setting up massive Cubase templates and fiddling with keyswitches. I find it quite disrespectful that you suggest we’re spending time on playback features merely because a ‘revenue analyst’ thought it was the most profitable.

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A notation software that converts a score to a beautiful and realistic mockup without the hours of tweaking in a DAW (thus loosing focus on musical ideas / creativity) is a dream to me.

Thanks to playback templates, expression maps and Play tab, it seems Dorico is getting there… Adding to that the ability to add synths/VSTs and create custom techniques for them : So one could write for a mix of orchestral and electronic/sound design in Dorico, and get a good mockup from notation, which is amazing !

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this ecosystem will develop. I’ve also seen demos of Staffpad and I’m really impressed.

Really exciting times for composers…

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I don’t think I’m the only one here who would like to work entirely in Dorico and for the most part already do. Some parts of playback such as the Expression Maps are far ahead of Cubase – at least in terms of usability. So I greatly appreciate what Paul and his colleagues have already achieved (which isn’t to say I and others don’t drop suggestions of how to develop things further from time to time).

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I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just bewildered by Steinberg’s resource poilicy. And by all means, I’m NOT suggesting that you shouldn’t work on PLAYBACK FEATURES, I’m only saying that Steinberg already has a prime DAW which could handle VST hosting, Mixing and audio output., and that I find it puzzling that one hasn’t taken advantage of that. MIDI output, Expression maps and associated technicalites should of course come from within Dorico. With virtual midi cables, it’s a matter of record arming Cubase and hit Play in Dorico. I’m sorry, but I’m totally convinced that the world is ruled by business analysts, be it music software or apples and oranges…

I assure you that the world isn’t run by business analysts, sigh. Just people who are are passionate about what they do and occasionally totally convinced in a way which can sometimes make conversation harder.

I’m very glad that Dorico does not delegate all audio to Cubase, I would like to work completely in Dorico, and I have found a point where sending MIDI from Dorico to my DAW over a virtual MIDI cable breaks down. Granted that I have found some ways to mitigate that, but I don’t think the MIDI standard really expected us to use it to quite this extent. They probably originally thought 16 channels was a lot.

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