Playback template shortcut limited to Play mode… Why?

Dear Team,
Since v.4, we can access the Play menu in Write mode, the Playback template function is there, but cannot be accessed through the keyboard shortcut. Is there a particular reason for it? Is there a way to fix it (like re-attribute it so that it also works in Write mode)?


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Ok. So I’ll answer my own question, hoping that other Doricians will find this interesting: delete your keyboard shortcut for Playback templates…, create the exact same one again, and now it also works in Write mode :wink:
It probably has something to do with the Context in which such and such shortcut is active (just guessing here).

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Sorry I didn’t speak up earlier, but I needed time to check this out. I don’t have a keyboard shortcut for Play > Playback Template… at all, neither default nor custom.

Perhaps you added this shortcut in 3.5 or earlier, in which case it would have been in the “kPlaymode” context. And deleting and re-adding it now puts it in the “kGlobal” context.

Yes, that is what happened. I think my shortcut had been created sometime in 2017 :rofl:
But yes, I think it’s interesting to know how easy it is to have it working in other modes as well.
Funniest thing is I had not noticed that Play menu was available in Write mode until now, because I’m so accustomed to using Dorico with the keyboard and shortcuts I seldom look up there in the menu line :person_shrugging: