Playback template - stop auto assigning instruments

I’m using playback template to share percussion config across projects, as discussed here.

The problem is, if I create a new player, Dorico messes up endpoints. For example, duplicating a player results in 6 new copies of the same VSTs (see before and after). Similarly, if I add an instrument which is not in the template, I get copies as well.


  • is there a way to stop Dorico from applying the template without losing the current config?
  • is there a way to export/import endpoint config, rather than have it apply through the template?

It seems that templates are meant for something like note performer, where a single endpoint is used across the project, but they don’t behave well if one wants to use them just to apply an endpoint configuration, to which there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.


Can you check on how Komplete handle multiple VSTi instances that use the same samples? I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t at least as sophisticated as EWQL, which in fact only loads one copy of the samples no matter the VSTi count. I’m sure there is an overhead, but its worth it to me to mix them completely separately. EX: at minimum I really don’t want 4 horns panned precisely the same.

But I guess that isn’t completely what you asked, sorry…

No, AFAIK applying a template is meant to completely override the current config, so that you can switch between say a light and a heavy one.

And while there is a way to import/export configs separately, the only way to use them after import is by including them in a template. Today at least, you can’t use them to change the instruments in a score outside of a template.