Playback Template Strangeness - VEPro 7 and BBCSO Pro - Endpoints not showing up

I’ve encountered a bit of a strange issue whilst working with a VEPro 7 and my own custom BBCSO Pro orchestral template I’ve been trying to work with over the last month or so. I’ve created a custom playback template here

Here in the next image you can see all of my custom endpoint configs I’ve created to accomodate my VEPro instances per instrument section etc, In the Edit Playback Template Window.

You can also see here the options I have when I want to "add Manual Endpoint’ from the same window. Everything is there.

Where I’m a bit confused is in the next image when I’m in the routing inspector, there’s a lot of endpoints missing and I can’t seem to assign the endpoints to the particular instruments in Play Mode and the VST instrument Racks to connect those instances are not loaded.

Don’t know if it’s helpful but the vst rack from my original playback template file i started from shows all of the vsts loaded which match up to each custom endpoint.

Bit confused here. I guess I could try and setup an entire fresh score then try the template. I have been importing some stuff converted from XML but it’s weird how some of the endpoints don’t show up. One possible question i thought might have something to do with IRV. For the endpoint that showed up for more my Violas you can see the IRV examples for both Independent voices below.

Turning IRV on and off didn’t really change anything. With my other orchestral project I just had to go ahead and create the missing endpoints from the routing section and then move on. I thought that after I’d created the new endpoints and then resaved a new playback template it would work but no cigar.

The last image is of when i click the grey endpoint config button of the edit playback playback template window and I clicked on a couple of the missing endpoints. The Vln1+1a had this,

Bit confused by Cautro? (Section Player). Is it an Instrument confusion issue possibly?
Thanks in advance if anyone knows anything about this. The one thing which is apparent is that the necessary Vienna Ensemble Pro VSTs are missing when i use the playback template and after i eventually got all my VEPro instances it was a bit of a mess with the VST Rack. It would be really handy to be able to order them in a preferred arrangement. I guess like setup mode how you can drag instruments up and down etc.

Cheers Simon