Playback Template


I have creat an Playback template
But when I tell DOrico to use this template, nothing happen.

Any Idea what’s happen ?



Unfortunately this doesn’t give us a lot to go on. Can you be a bit more specific about what you’ve done, how you’ve set up your playback template, exactly what you’re doing, and what you’re expecting to happen?

One thing to check is that the types of players you created the playback template from are the same as in your project. eg if you created a create a playback template from a string quartet which uses solo players then you can’t apply it to a project that uses section players.

I have used an String Ensemble
2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

VST Instruments: East West (Hollywood Strings).
After this I saved it. (Endpoint Configuration)
Than I created a new Playback Template .
For testing this I told Dorico in the preferences to take this playback template

It looks to me from your screenshots that in fact Dorico is loading several instances of Play, which I guess is in line with what your playback template is specifying. So can you be a bit clearer about in what way “nothing is happening”?


When I load up a String ensemble, Dorico don’t load the playback template.
When I load instruments one by one than Dorico load the playback template.

Patrick, do you mean that when you click the ‘Add Ensemble’ button in Setup mode and add a whole string section at once Dorico doesn’t load any sounds, but it does if you use ‘Add Player’ to add each player one by one? When you add a string ensemble, that adds section players. When you add your players one by one, are you adding solo or section players? Did you set up your playback template to work with solo or section players?

I watched Anthony’s video about Custom Playback Templates and I’m having some trouble getting it to work.

I have the following VSTs with custom endpoint configurations to work with a VEP big band template:
Vienna Ensemble Pro
Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input port 1
Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input port 2
Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input port 3
Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input port 4

I save this endpoint configuration as VEP Big Band.

I create a Custom Playback Template called Big Band Ensemble and I add VEP Big Band to it and save it.

I go to the hub and create a new big band project.

I go to Play and Play>Playback Template to open the template list.

I select Big Band Ensemble and click Apply and Close.

Nothing happens.

I was expecting the 5 VSTs to be instantiated but nothing happens and this makes me think I’m missing some crucial concept here. Can anyone help me understand this better?



A second question is, how can I delete endpoint Configurations?


Sorry if I am the one confused and I’m not trying to be overly specific (And I was more comfortable with your Hollywood strings example.) But are you saying that you already have staves in the big band project - a trumpet lets say - that you expect to be mapped to a VST?

And you started with a project that you used to create the template in which you had manually mapped the VST to the proper stave in the score? Because what you did in that mapping project is what happens when the template is used in the future.

These are good questions! The more I can try to explain the more I’ll learn.

I have the default PB template set to Silence. Then I create a new big band project from the hub which has all the instruments in the Play tab and NO VSTs at all in the VST Instruments pane.

What I want is then to apply the Big Band Ensemble PB template and have the 5 VSTs instantiated in the VST Instruments pane. Then I would assign the instruments in the Instruments pane to the VSTs in the VST Instrument pane.

Does that make it any clearer?


Okay. The way it works in practice for me though is that it does not simply load up all the VST’s from the template so you can manually map them. Rather it loads only those VST’s from the template that it understands how to automatically map to instruments in the score. And I get multiples - if say I have 4 trumpet parts in the score, I will get 4 trumpet VST’s loaded. (4 copies of the same VST) Which is actually great, as with EWQL I get only one cop of the actual samples in memory, but individual control.

Also great IMO, If I didn’t choose to have a particular instrument for some reason, then it does not load the vst/samples for it. This is why for the most part I have one VST per instrument.

That’s why the template project is so important - the automatic mapping to instruments follows what I did in the template project. I also save custom presets BTW in EWQL to make sure the samples load the way I want. Not sure that completely helps without seeing your set up, but that’s the best I got to help for now.

That fills in what I was missing! I really appreciate your taking the time to explain it.