Playback Templates and FX disappearing when re-applying

I’ve created a playback template and have several plugins on the master bus and have removed the default compressor. I’ve also removed Revenance and replaced it with another reverb. When I open Dorico and select my new template all is good - My FX are the same as when I saved the Template. I also have this Playback template as my default in Preferences. Now, I go to PLAY, Playback template and add some Endpoint Configurations which I have created - I re-apply the template and the mixer goes back to the default FX settings with the Compressor and Revenance. All my plugins are no longer there. Is this expected behavior? The Playback Template has my FX as part of the template, so why does it go to a default FX setting when re-applied?

I think you’re mistaken here, on the first part. It’s not possible yet to save plug-ins states in the playback template. The solution is to start from a file that is set as you wish. And this is probably what happened at the start of your description.
Each time you will apply a playback template (any playback template) you’ll end up with REVerence reverb in the FX bus and Compressor in the master bus. The team knows we would like to choose our plug-ins but this has not made it yet to the top of the pile :wink:

Hi Marc, Have you tried it? I can save a playback template with FX as in ‘Save as Project Template’ and it will come back with all the FX that I have applied and their specific settings. Once I re-apply the template in PLAY mode, they revert to the default settings.

I guess I’m mixing up Project Template and Playback template. A Project Template includes FX settings, but a Playback Template does not. I see where my confusion has come from!

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Exactly! I’m glad you figured it out!