Playback Templates using Sketch

I created a Playback Template for Audio Imperia Nucleus for Dorico 3.5. After version 4 was released I noticed that Sketch was now an option so I added Sketch Strings, Brass, Winds, etc to my Template setting them all to Nucleus Ensemble instruments. What I’m finding after saving the Endpoint Configurations is they are not being saved to the correct Instrument type.

The Ensemble instrument that was assigned in the case of Strings was changed to a Cello part. Everything else has been working just fine with the exception of anything I try to setup using Sketch.

Just for testing purposes I have changed the type to strings violin and it save the Endpoint data correctly.

So is this a bug in the Sketch or does something different need to be done on my end to support adding a String Ensemble

I hope I’m not mistaken because I am not using Dorico 4 until the update comes out (and my apologies if I am misremembering).

But IIRC sketch instruments will not respect the template and will break the routingif they are connected before the main instruments in the endpoint config. I think this follows the built-in score order in Dorico 4, where sketch really wants to be at the bottom of the score and it is somehow related to “parent” or “generic” instrument ID that also affects a bunch of Bb instruments bumping others. In my case this was resolved when I just gave up and moved sketch instruments to the very bottom.

Thanks for the reply it was at the bottom of the list.

So for fun I created a test Endpoint configuration using only the Sketch and Strings assigned the Instrument again using Nucleus String Ensembles this is what was created.

No where was the ViolaCello instrument added to the VST Rack

Maybe I had the two issues mixed up: the routing changes based on the score order and the forced “parentEntityID” for the sketch instruments in the template. Sorry about that!!

A sketch instrument is defined as “generic” in Dorico xml files. And in the Instruments.xml, the parent entity ID for generic strings is Cello.


The parentID for “treble staff” sketch instrument is piano. If I’m getting this right, piano would be persistently replacing anything else user-assigned to treble staff sketch once the template is saved and re-applied.

The same thing happened to me with clarinets, trumpets and some other instruments - if there is a parentEntityID indicated in the xml file, then Dorico would ignore my instrument assignments. So my Clarinet in A and Clarinet in Eb are always re-assigned to Clarinet Bb, which is a “default clarinet” because it has parent entity ID defined in the xml file.

Daniel mentioned that the upcoming update might have a fix for this where Dorico checks for custom configurations first before activating the default ones. But best if he confirms here. Again, sorry for any confusion.

Looks like the Dorico 4.0.20 release has fixed the problem. It did required I remove the previous Single and Sections that were using Sketch and recreate them before things started working.