Playback tempo problem with one note in nested tuplets (Noteperformer)

I just imported an xml of Beethovens op.27/2 third movement and tried to make the solo in bar 188 work. I’ve used nested tuplets and made tempo changes accordingly. All is great apart from the third to last note (the first quarter note at the end of bar 188). If I start the playback on this note it plays correctly. If I start the playback at any other point before it waits significantly longer on this note until it continues. I’ve decreased the start tempo to half note = 75 so it is more noticeable. Maybe somebody knows how to fix this?
I’ve attached the Dorico file. I am using Dorico 4 Elements with Noteperformer.

PS: Please ignore the rest of the piece (layout, wrong notes etc.), I haven’t started editing!
Beethoven op.27 no. 2 Presto agitato bar 188.dorico (1.3 MB)

Thanks for attaching the file! I wonder if the playback slowdown happens because of the giant 27:2 tuplet. Maybe you could try making the bar much longer, say, 18/4 with a hidden time signature? Then your tuplet wouldn’t have to be so huge, and the playback might work better.

Thanks Stephen!
Actually that was my first approach until I thought of nested tuplets. Today I woke up with another idea. I could simply sneak in another tempo change on that problematic note and then it works, hurray!
I also tried Halion and Spitfires BBCSO, but it sounds like a cat is trying to play it (very cute). So depending on the playback template one needs to try different approaches and what you are suggesting is probably the way to go for Halion and BBCSO.