Playback - the green line

Of course - thanks, Daniel!

As i say, it’s a lot rarer than the first phenomenon was. I spent a good few minutes this evening trying to get a piece which has previously so behaved to reproduce it ‘on camera’. No dice.

But the next time I get it, I have QT at the ready and will capture it and send it to you.


I have problems with playback in write mode when the right panel is open.
The green line goes behind the panel and the score is not updated during this time.



Yesterday I had this problem (ones). The playback line follows the score, but the screen didn’t refresh. (Mac).
Can’t reproduce it…

It happens sometimes, sometimes not. It is like the shortcut ALT-cmd-0 which sometimes hides all panels and sometimes shows the entire page (as intended).

Mark - you mentioned that you had a sample rate of 19,200. That’s a very odd value. Try changing it to 44,100 (or 48,000) as you’ll get much better results. One possible manifestation of this playback line issue is if some other application is changing the soundcard’s sample rate. So check to see if you have any other software that might grab the soundcard running, eg screen/sound capture applications, Skype, etc

Thanks so much, Paul. Have changed back down to 44.1K. I had moved up to 19.2 b/c that’s the default of the ASIO device.

I have no other apps or s/w that could be changing the sample rate.

Hi Mark!
It’s the first time in my life — and yes, I received the training of an audio engineer ! — I read 19,2kHz could be a default sampling frequency in any device… :wink: Do you mean 192kHz? Anyway, Paul’s advice seems very wise to me, the standards have been 44,1kHz (CD) and 48kHz for so many years that it seems safe to think everything should run smoothly with those values.


Yes - of course 192! Sorry; thanks.

I’ve set to 44. It is a very intermittent phenomenon.

Thanks, Daniel - I just emailed you offline a zip of a project which reproduces it and a QT movie where I press P to play from the selected note; playback is heard perfectly. But the green playhead disappears offscreen right.

(Maybe pursued by a bear.)

I left it a few secs to see if it would catch up. At this time, randomly, it does not.


I will add my name in the hat and say this has happened to me too, in v1.2. The green line keeps moving, but the occasionally the score stops following where the green line is.

I will try to find a file and share.


Hi, I had lthe same problem on my MacBook Pro: playback line was not in sync with a writen music. So changing a sample rate from 48,000 to 44,100 solved this issue completely.

Changing the sample rate didn’t help here. Unfortunately.

I’m still having this problem also in version 2 of Dorico. So far in landscape mode.
Am i the only one?

Do you always have that problem? Want to say, on every time playing the green line goes out of sync with the actual playback?
If so, please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop.
Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

No. The problem comes sometimes while I’m working on different scores. Quite regularly however when I work longer on a score in galley view. The green line disappears from the window while the music goes on. The line simply doesn’t follow the music.
And I also had this problem in page view.
I have made 2 videos showing this behavior.

I’ve had this problem too - by the looks of it exactly as ReiRei is doing.

But I hesitate to mention it (here) because Daniel and the team definitely know about it and have been extremely patient with my repeated mentions.

It got better with 1.2 and yet did still appear. Tended to be after a few hours into a session. Switching Modes as the temporary workaround doesn’t do the trick - at least not for more than a few minutes. Restarting Dorico (almost) always does… ‘memory leak’?

So far nothing with version 2. But if I should get it, I’ll mention it again - if I may.

You forgot to attach the videos (or post a link.)

Can I email them to you? I think they are too big as attachments here.

Stick them in Dropbox or Box and then post a link here. Though I have seen such videos (from e.g. Mark Sealey) and that doesn’t help to reproduce the problem.

I don’t use dropbox. But in this case it’s anyhow not necessary.