Playback through external Sonos speaker

Is it possible to have Dorico playback through an external speaker system such as Sonos? I can play other audio from my Mac to Sonos but I can’t work out how to get Dorico to do this. Is it doable? Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, Benjamin. If your Sonos appears in the Edit > Device Setup dialog, then Dorico should be able to play through it, but if it doesn’t appear there, then I’m not sure you’ll be able to. Dorico doesn’t support AirPlay directly, but you might be able to use some other application to play its audio through AirPlay, e.g. AirFoil, though I’ve not tried it and I don’t think we would consider it to be a fully supported audio device.

Hello Benjamin,

Dorico works with Apple/Sonos AirPlay, I have it running myself.

However, it is not advisable, because via WiFi you have about 2 seconds delay from the sound signal. If you set a note in Dorico, it will take about 2 seconds to output to the speaker.

It is better to connect an airplay loudspeaker (Play5) with the 3.5mm jack cable to the PC, so there are no delays in the signal.

Thank you both

Hi folks
Just to let you know airfoil works really well for me streaming from Dorico to homepods

I’m trying to use my Homepod to work with my computer. The delay is the problem. Is there any way to have no delay when works with dorico?

I don’t think so because the delay is created outside of Dorico.