Playback: tied notes that drop out (1.0.10)

attached find a file that contains two voices (organ in this example but the reported phenomenon also occurred with ‘harmonium’ as well - probably a problem with any ‘sustained’ instrument).

the soprano voice started out as a long tied note that was then interrupted with figuration using the scissors tool. the alto voice was then added (it too contains tied notes).

as the file plays back (mostly) the soprano voice drops out at various places (indicated in the Dorico file) and then returns and often times the alto voice will do the same with a sustained note.

clearly, this is not ideal.

hopefully this is (now?) on the developer’s radar… (186 KB)

For now, you can’t specify that each voice on a given staff should be played on a separate endpoint, which would take care of the problem. Also, HALion doesn’t appear to count note ons and note offs in the way that some other playback devices do, so unfortunately when it encounters the note off for the restruck note for a note that is already sounding, it stops the note entirely. There’s not a lot we can do about that behaviour specifically, but we do plan to make it possible to route multiple voices to separate endpoints in due course.

thanks daniel.

in my view this behavior of the playback engine is a major distraction for the playback abilities of Dorico.

attached is a different file - again with a sustained note this time NOT interrupted except when, in measure 24, a coincident note occurs in the alto voice. in this measure the sustained note drops out to the end of the piece.

very disappointing. will this be fixed?

-t (311 KB)

Your new file shows exactly the same case, of course: as soon as a second note is struck there, then the existing note stops when the note off message for the new note is processed. We’ll certainly think about how we might be able to improve this in due course.