Playback too fast

I am running Wavelab Elements 10 on OSX. In the middle of editing i took a break and turned off Wavelab.
When I turned it back on, Wavelab played all the wav files a bit faster and a bit higher pitch. I was googling
the problem a bit but cant make it work. Cant find playback speed setting if there is something like that.
Could anyone please help?


It sounds like the sample rate has change I think
like it was 44.1 kHz and now 48 kHz (as an example)
then it will change in pitch and speed.
Why? Maybe your sound card has been told by other app
to change sample rateā€¦

check sample rate on your audio file(s)
and check sample rate/settings for you audio device

regards S-EH

Thanks, I changed sample rate of the file in audio properties from 44 to 48 and then back and it did the trick. must have been some glitch.