Playback / tuning problem

Weird problem this morning that I can’t find a solution to on the forum: I opened a project that uses a microtonal key signature with the tuning of A4 = 440, and now when opening other projects I notice that on headphones Dorico plays back with the tuning ca. 250 cents higher than it should sound (A4 sounds like a B quarter flat) - but if I unplug the headphones and play back over the in-built speakers, it plays in proper tuning again. This happens in all projects now, also after resetting and rebuilding HaLion Sonic SE. The problem actually persists across different sound libraries (Dorico Beep etc).

This is on MBP Catalina 10.15.2 just with the in built speakers and basic apple wired headphones.

I’m guessing it’s something to do with a sample rate mismatch when it automatically switches between outputs, but everything in the preferences is set up for 44.1hz SR, and the tuning to 440, so I’m stumped. Any ideas?


Sounds like the Headphones are set to a different sample rate. Check Audio MIDI

Also: any reason why you’ve not upgraded to 10.15.6.?

That’s fixed it, thanks! Headphones were set to 48k for some reason!

No particular reason for no upgrade other than waiting to see if there are any impacts on some of the software I use.

Related Q since getting this new Mac earlier this year: When I play audio out of the speakers on Dorico and other programmes like Max I notice some weird glitches in the playback. It’s like the sound is being chopped up or there are these dull clicks added, it’s quite subtle but annoying all the same. I haven’t found others complaining about it online but wonder whether users here have experienced it.

I’m guessing it’s another issue with the audio driver. It’s intermittent, usually only when I play something (even just one note on Dorico) after a period of silence - it doesn’t happen when running a longer playback stretch on Dorico.

There are rarely incompatibility issues caused by point upgrades of the same OS – they tend to fix more problems than they cause. They may even fix the sound problem.