Playback Won't Initialize

Dorico (2.1 MB)
Twice today, the same project file has become corrupted to where it won’t initialize playback. The project has been working perfectly for weeks and then I open it and playback will not initialize. VSTAudioEngine is orphaned and I have to manually quit it to open Dorico again. All other projects (which use the exact same VSTs) are working fine.

So I revert to an old version of the file, copy the notes over from the corrupted file, and playback works great. I work on the project for several more hours with no issues. But then this whole fiasco happened again a second time today.

This threatens my livelihood. I would absolutely hate to switch back to Sibelius, but I cannot have software that fatally corrupts files regularly. I’m happy to share the file with anyone who may be able to help resolve this issue.

Hi @Bradley_Sampson , sorry to hear about your trouble.
Please share your project file with me. You can send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Thanks for the project file, which does load for me, but on the other hand, I don’t have most of the VSTinstruments that you have.
Second, in the diagnostics is only one crash file contained, and that is a crash in the Sine Player plug-in.
So I do wonder what is going on there. Could it be that Kontakt or other plug-in pops up an alert window which is behind your Dorico window, therefore blocking the main thread and in consequence the whole app.
I have to leave now but will take a deeper look later or tomorrow morning.

No new insights, also Daniel and Richard tried with your file and it also loads fine with them, but same thing, they don’t have the same VSTinstruments that you have.

But the file that you have sent me, for you it is corrupt, right? During loading it will get stuck during playback initialization, correct?
If so, then please load once more and when it is stuck open the At the top of that window are 3 icons, the right one has 3 dots; click on that and from the pop-up menu choose Create Spindump. Follow the instructions to save it to a file and then please also take a second spindump. Both of those dumps send to me again.

It will load the score just fine, but playback won’t initialize. It doesn’t freeze or anything, just the “Activate Project” button never turns blue and nothing will play back. I’ll note that older versions of the file that have all of the same VST instruments initialize playback just fine. So for whatever reason, an empty Dorico file with all of those VST instruments loads just fine, but later iterations of the file won’t load.

Besides playback not working, I can use Dorico normally in this state. I can write stuff and save the file. But then when I try to quit Dorico it freezes and I have to force quit it, then additionally force VST Audio Engine to quit as well.

I’ve emailed you the 2 spindumps.

Thanks for the spin dumps. It look like the audio engine is stuck because Kontakt is waiting for something. Therefore the whole audio engine comes to a standstill and also the Play button won’t turn green.
If in that state, could you please check if Kontakt maybe displays a modal alert dialog that is hidden behind the Dorico window?

Good news, bad news. The exact files that kept getting stuck trying to initialize are now loading. So I can’t check for a modal alert now (although I did check a few days ago after you mentioned it and couldn’t find anything then).

I’m stumped- I recreated the exact same issue 25-30 times while troubleshooting, and now the issue has gone away. The only thing I did in between was work on some other Dorico files.

I’m nervous about this situation repeating, but I’m glad it’s fixed, at least temporarily.

Well, at least you know where to find us, should the problem return.

The problem is back… I spent hours and hours working on this project with no issues. Then I needed to copy over some bars from a previous version. After that, the exact same issue as before is back. Let me know what I can send if we can possibly troubleshoot this.

Unfortunate update #1: I reverted to a backup, which worked perfectly every time before, and it now is somehow corrupted as well. Other files with all the same VSTs load just fine, but multiple versions of this project won’t load.

Unfortunate update #2: In a twist even I couldn’t have predicted, I switched the playback template to NotePerformer, figuring that would be super safe and load great. But no, this file can’t even load NotePerformer.

Unfortunate update #3: I reverted to a really old file which would load, and imported the flow. It will play back, but the mixer is broken and I can’t change the levels of any instruments.

Hi @Bradley_Sampson , can you please send me the broken project files. We will try to repair them.