I understand in Dorico writing mode differs from play mode. But: are there any means of playback in writing mode, or do you always have to switch to Playback mode first?

Dorico looks very promising by the way!


Look at the threads about Play mode. It is going to evolve a lot in the next updates. And they are going to add the ability to hear what you write, which has been asked for a lot.

You can press spacebar to play from Write mode (or P to play back from the selected item, plus a couple of other shortcuts for different starting points).

In my copy of Dorico there is a play button and a reset-to-start button in the upper righthand corner in Write mode.

Great, thanks!

Dear Derrek,

Your answer was funny ! Don’t we all have the SAME copy of Dorico ? :smiley:

Yes, but configurations may differ slightly (I usually hide the right column, for example), so I don’t want to assume everyone else will necessarily see what I see on the screen. Still, I’m glad if I gave you a chuckle.

Not necessarily. Some of the people who post here are probably beta testers.

You are probably right ! I did not think about that.