Currently trialling Dorico.

Just wondering if the current playback state for detecting and using system audio is considered finished, and users should find a way to make it work via the FAQ (if it doesnt, but does on everything else) - or is it a work in progress?

Can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the problems you’re having? Tell us a bit about your system, and about your audio hardware?

Dorico is disabling my ASIO at launch of program (suspend ASIO - true is the message I see).

I have played around with a few settings as instructed, but if it comes to the point where I have to send system info somewhere to get it to work (where it works fine on any other DAW/notation program), then it is becoming too much work. I normally uninstall at that point, but wanted to give some feedback and ask whether the way Dorico handles it currently is going to change or not.

The process style is excellent, in a logical progression.
A lot of little features like key binding options, the large writing options and the flow are good.
I didn’t go too far into it given the program lag and the main attraction for me was the hybrid playback/sequencer - another excellent feature. You can see a lot of the work that has gone into the program, and I didn’t expect a reply from the man himself.

You haven’t told us anything yet about the original problem you were having, what sound card you have or what plaform you are on. If you have tried changing some settings, then I would recommending running the cleanup scripts that are in the FAQ, and then start Dorico again and tell us what you are experiencing.

You shouldn’t need to check the suspend ASIO option unless you have a second audio application running at the same time and you don’t have a driver with multi-client support.

For the vast majority of our users, as long as they have installed all the required components, playback ‘just works’. However, there are a few known issues with specific hardware or third party software, and so we can’t help you unless you give us some more information.