Hi I am enjoying getting to know Dorico. My main problem at the moment is getting some sounds to play. The written music is on the page but Dorico does not seem to attach good sounds to the music that I write. Is there a HOW TO or a video that will show how to add the sounds to the written notes. I am a Finale user and all the sounds are automatically added, a flute sounds like a flute, a trumpet sounds like a trumpet etc, and so I have never had to do anything. Also if I export a file from Finale and import into Dorico the sound on playback is very inferior when playback with Dorico. This is why I am thinking that i need to know a bit more about how the sounds are added to the written notes so I can get a good quality playback. Many Thanks. Piccolo

If you have the propper instrument sound pack installed, try going to Play Mode > Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments, or just the option below it (Apply Default Playback Template…).