Played Durations converting to Written Durations

This may sound lazy, but I have a piano instrument with chords. So, I selected all and Arpeggiated all chords in my instrument. I set the Note Offset to 1/2 and everything sounds lovely. The score shows chords with arpeggiation symbols - fine.
In play mode, the Play Durations are indeed offset. Now is there a way to reverse engineer my arpeggiated chords back into the score - that is, the Written Durations, so that instead of arpeggiation symbols I have actual separate notes scored?
I can think of other cases where a tweak of the play duration sounds so good that you would want it adjusting the actual score.
Any suggestions would be great - I understand I can do all this manually but it is possibly interesting as a niche workflow?


I’ve not tried it, but I think you should be able to use Edit > Requantize to do this.

thanks for the suggestion. This didn’t seem to work, but I’ve found a solution that works for me after playing around…
If you export as midi, then import the midi file, this gives the separated arpeggiated notes with varying note lengths that make the score look very complicated - then I simply select all and change all notes to quavers (I’m in 4/4) which gives a very simple and readable arpeggiation.
So there is a solution, but not as I expected!